Air Duct Cleaning for Mold Problems

Article by David Selter

If you are getting your air ducts cleaned as part of a mold removal project, it is important to have it done the correct way. If there are in fact mold spores in your air conditioning system, the last thing you want is for them to be spread beyond where they already are. You are trying to eliminate the mold that may be there, not spread it to other areas of your home. If the air duct cleaning isn’t done properly, that is exactly what may happen.

Beware of any air duct cleaning company that is just going to remove your vents and push a vacuum hose with a brush on it as far as they can reach. What doesn’t get sucked up with their hose will fall back into the room or worse, remain in the ductwork to be blown around when the AC is turned back on. A cheap cleaning job like this might not be harmful if your air ducts aren’t contaminated, but it will only make the situation worse if there are mold spores in the system.

A proper cleaning, with strong vacuum pressure being maintained on the entire air conditioning system throughout the cleaning process, is necessary to prevent the spread of mold spores. Typically a large hose from a HEPA filtered high volume vacuum is attached to an opening made in the plenum. The plenum is the large box attached to your AC that all of the air ducts come out of. The AC vents, except the one being worked on, are then sealed off. Air powered whips or brushes are fed through the air duct all the way to the plenum. So any dust, debris or mold spores that are knocked loose from the air duct is sucked up into the vacuum hose, filtered, and discharged outside your home.

Also the evaporator coils (the indoor coils) often collect dust over time. The dust and the moisture condensing on the coils makes a good breeding ground for mold. The air blowing over these cold coils (and the dirt and contaminates on them) is what is coming out of your AC vents. So cleaning the evaporator coils has to be part of a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning system.

But here’s the problem. Cut rate air duct cleaning companies rarely have an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) license. And in Texas, you cannot access the plenum or the coils without a Texas HVAC License! So if you are using one of these companies, you have no chance of the job being done right. Not only won’t you alleviate your problem, you will most likely make it worse. So spend the money to have the air duct cleaning done right by a licensed company that has experience doing air duct cleaning on mold remediation jobs.

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