About Drymore

Drymore Air Duct Cleaning Company specializes in cleaning the entire HVAC system – not just air duct cleaning. We clean the evaporator coils, drip pan, air mover, the large plenum box that all of the air ducts come out of, the air ducts themselves, and the individual ac vents. We clean all of it because the air in your home blows across or through all of these components, and the air that you breathe can be contaminated by all of them. We are frequently called in to clean HVAC systems on mold remediation jobs because HVAC system cleaning is one of the most important parts of these jobs. In these situations it is critical for remediation people to use a company who can decontaminate the entire HVAC system, and prevent cross contamination. We use the proper technique and equipment to ensure that the entire ac system is cleaned thoroughly, without releasing contaminates into other areas of system or the home.

Between each job, all of the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. We are part of DryMore Company, and attention to detail is what has earned us the Angieslist Super Service Award three years in a row, the BBB Award for Excellence eight years in a row, and well over 100 Five-Star customer reviews on Google. We do the job right and never allow a customer to go away unhappy – no matter what it takes. Our business is built on our reputation and we guard it carefully.

The large commercial HEPA vacuum equipment we use for cleaning the ac system creates so much suction that we must use wire reinforced 12 inch vacuum hose with it, because the suction would crush regular vacuum hose. This is the same powerful equipment that we use on HVAC system cleaning jobs in Multiplex Cinemas and other commercial buildings. On some large commercial jobs we’ve even seen large rodent nests literally sucked out of the HVAC system with the vacuum that this equipment produces. The vacuum hose from this machine is attached to the main box that all of your air ducts come out of (the plenum), and the intense vacuum that is created ensures that the dirt and debris in your air conditioning system goes nowhere except into our HEPA vacuum equipment. The vacuum equipment usually remains on the main floor and the hose is fed up into the attic and attached to the plenum. Homeowners are usually astounded by the amount of dirt and debris that they see coming down through the transparent vacuum hose. A compressed air hose is fed up through one of the air ducts to the plenum. The compressed air along with the attached agitation devices break loose the contaminants in the duct. The air ducts, except for the one being worked on, are sealed off so that the HEPA vacuum is exerting its full suction on the one air duct being cleaned. This concentrated vacuum ensures that all of the contaminants in that air duct are drawn up to the plenum, down through the 12 inch wide vacuum hose, and captured by the HEPA vacuum machine.

When your ac system is operating, all of the air from your house passes through the plenum and then out to the air ducts. The plenum gets the brunt of the accumulated dirt, and wear and tear. Usually the plenum can just be cleaned, sometimes it needs to be cleaned and coated with an EPA registered sealant, and sometimes it is so damaged it needs to be rebuilt. Also, the air ducts themselves can be damaged and their insulation deteriorating and falling off. This will cause moisture to condense on the inside of the air duct and promote the growth of mold. In addition to cleaning your entire HVAC system we also do these necessary treatments and repairs to help keep your ac system free of contamination, and the air in your home clean.

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